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About us


Welcome to Review Hunter, the best review marketing. 

We are social media marketers from Digital Stark Corporation


Nowadays, people don't want to listen to commercial ads, that pushes messages from business. People listen more from their friends or ordinary people who has same interest.


We aim to be the review marketing platform, where business owner share their product or service, and our reviewers create UGC user generated content, that is working on social media channels in sincere, natural, creative and neutral way. We believe, in this way, we can real information from real people. This is the way of micro-marketing.

Let's experience and review everything in the world

We are the influencers, superstars who can create content and make influence to people around us. It is time for micro-marketing

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Review Hunter is review marketing business division from Digital Stark. Digital Stark is leading Event and Marketing company covering SE Asia, with its online and offline marketing ability. Digital Stark has more than 2 million followers on it own social media channel, and has been working for many reputed clients including Korean government, Kpop companies and big brands from Korea. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, its multi-national team is working in many countries including Korea, Japan, Dubai, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and more. Any further inquiry for online/offline SE Asia marketing, do not hesitate to contact us. [click here]

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