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How to become sponsors

1:1 Consulting

Our expert consultant discuss on your product and service to design the best review marketing

Reviewer Choice

Choose the right target reviewers by 2 steps method, specially designed by Review Hunter

Review Content

Reviewers create and post content following our detail guideline. On exact media channel in right direction.

Award & Report

Outstanding Reviewers get additional award. Sponsor get campaign report for whole result made.

Special Program for Viral Review

 Lucky Draw

Join, Compete and test

your Luck for special awards.

Hunters' Islands

Search and Find the hidden treasure island, that keeps the best awards ever.

Quiz Game

Challenge if you dare. You can be Quiz Champ who can grab tons of awards.

Why Review Marketing is so Important? 


No more AD

Nowadays, people really sick of advertising. Ad Block software that blocks AD, has grown x27 times for last 7 years. 

To communicate with target customers, we need to go through real story, through friends group who has same interest.



Mega influencer is good for brand awareness in big scale. But, micro influencer or ordinary people have more engagement to the follower numbers. 

People feel easy to ask and discuss for more detail on product or service. Now it became very hot trend in digital marketing to utilize micro-influencer.


Listen to Brand or Friend? 

Micro influencer or ordinary people has small follower that is their own friends. They make more actual influence to consider buying product or service.

Ask yourself, do you listen to who? 


Cost Effectiveness

Promoting your product and service online or through mega influencer is not that cheap nowadays. But, just one week later, that expensive marketing campaign is covered by another big campaign. And people forget your brand, product and service so easily. Focus on your core value, share the experience with real people, that guarnatees the cost effectiveness


Right Media Right Target

What if your beautiful flower goes to uncle, who really don't care. What if you got review on twitter once your target customers mostly stay in Instagram. It would be real disater. 

To make sure the result, we discuss to choose right media, and right target group.

Start your Review Marketing, Now!

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